CAP information

Our programme caters for up to twenty four candidates at a time with two weeks in school and six weeks in clinical placement. We think the six weeks in placement allows candidates time to develop their confidence and to successfully demonstrate their competence while also aligning our Programme with other industry leaders in New Zealand.

Our course has no agent fee, we offer transport to and from the local airport and provide travel to clinical placements if you do not drive. We also offer clean and comfortable accommodation local to your placement if you have booked accommodation with us at the beginning of the course.

We are pleased to report a very high graduate employment success rate with more than 85% of them finding employment in New Zealand within three months of finishing the course. Alongside the aged care sector, they also have secured employment in intensive and coronary care, ED,operating theatre and oncology recently. One of the reasons for this is that we provide additional training in how to prepare a New Zealand style CV, how to apply to prospective employers and also how to be successful at an interview. 

We also help candidates open a bank account and support you in the early times when you are missing home, learning about your new professonal life and making friends.

Some of our graduates stay in touch and over our five years in business we are proud to have been part of the journey for nearly 300 nurses.

We have even been party to a few weddings and one or two new New Zealanders smiley

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PROGRAMME :  $10,500.00 NZD


(All fees are inclusive of New Zealand GST)


If you are an internationally qualified nurse with an NCNZ letter advising you to complete a CAP course, contact our administrator now at